Elite Tax Solutions’ online tax return services is available to all tax payers all over Australia.We are offering an alternative to those people who find it difficult to make time for an office appointment. You can complete your tax return in your own time and space with the full support from Elite Tax Solutions. Our online tax return questionnaire covers usual face-to-face tax return interviews. It is an easy, affordable and express online tax return service.

Follow Our Simple and Easy Three Step Process

 Step 1:

Fill out online tax form and make payment.

Step 2:

Our expert qualified tax consultant will review the information and contact you to assist you in the completion of your Tax Return to help you maximise your Tax refund.

Step 3:

You will receive your refund and a copy of your tax return via email.

This service is not suitable for:

  1. Individual who has more than 3 rental property
  2. Individual who has sold more than 1 investment property
  3. Individual with more than 10 dividends transactions
  4. Individual who has sold share or cryptocurrency
  5. Individual who wants to pay from refund

Our online forms are not design to capture the information above, if you have the above transactions, additional charges may apply. Please contact our office on (07) 3359 6137 for assistance.

Online Tax Return (Standard) – Click Here to Start

Online Tax Return (Rental) – Click Here to Start

Online Tax Return Fee System

*unlimited PAYG statements;
*unlimited allowances and government payments;
*unlimited deductions;
*up to 10 dividend statements; and
*up to 10 bank account interests

Schedule of additional charges contained within this form (if applicable):

  • Sale of Investment property (+ $110)

Standard Online Tax Return plus 1 Rental property

Schedule of additional charges contained within this form (if applicable):

  • Sale of Investment property (+ $110)
  • Second / third investment property schedule (+ $60 each)

10 Reasons to Choose Elite Tax Solutions

Our Standard Online tax return fee is only $120 which includes unlimited number of payment summaries, deductions,  interest & up to (10) dividends statements.

We are a professional Accountant and registered tax agent. From the information you provide us, we assess all aspect of Australian taxation law to maximize your tax refund.

You can do this in the comfort of your own home, follow the easy instructions, submit and wait for your refund. It takes around 15-20 minutes of your time. All you need is computer and internet access.

Our standard preparation time is up to 3 business days and most of the refund has been received within 7-14 business days after lodgement (Subject to ATO).

Submission through our online system is secure

Unlike many of our competitors our fee is fixed regardless of the number or an amount of your income and deduction items (*limit apply to interest and dividends as stated).

Our fee is payable using Credit Card (visa / mastercard) or Debit Card (with visa / mastercard functionality). All payments are processed through Stripe for security purposes. We do not charge any surcharge for credit card or debit card payments.


Your tax returns are prepared and reviewed by registered tax agent and qualified accountant with many years of tax experience (not the 1-3 month trained staff like some of our competitors.)

We offer all year round support in regards to your taxation matters such as answering tax queries and communicating with the ATO.

Our online tax return is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere.